Reviews for "Rose At Eclipse"

The moment the first note struck my ears, I immediately voted 5 and was entranced. I feel like I've been transported to a whole new world, and I love it.

This is perfect. The intro is serious, but has a speed to it, like "We're hitting this battle running." And I think the string and piano parts are perfect. Some battle/boss themes are overly grave and serious: it's almost like the music forgets about the battle and it has the sole goal of making the audience fear and respect the boss. And for some situations and characters, it works. But here, you didn't do that.
You went with something that very much reminds me of Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy, and that is perfect! It feels not only like a boss battle, but like a battle for hope. The music makes focus not just on the boss, but on the people fighting the boss. Instead of worrying about only how dreadful the boss is, I also remember who is fighting the boss and how courageous, steadfast, and hope-filled they must be. And that's how it should be. Just wonderful. I wish I could pinpoint more of what you did right in better words. x(

I am also very impressed with how this music loops. It had to have played 5 or 6 times and I never once noticed. I can't help but feel like this is the more serious answer to Rose at Twilight, which is perfect. I would dare to say Rose at Twilight and Rose at Eclipse are your masterpieces and would love to see them feature two different bosses in the same game or something.

Reminds me of some military group preparing for attack. My favorite SFH music and the best Rose song! It deserves 10 stars.

It sounds like a music sound track, I imagine something like an epic ancyent battle
love it!

Still remember the GlobeX talking in Strike Force Heroes:
-Whats the status, did we get them all?
-Yes sir, there was some resistance. We lost some of our men.
-Casualties happen, clear the area and move on.