Reviews for "Rose At Eclipse"

Yay! Another Rose song...

...wow that is drastically different from all the others, and, to be honest, it rox! I would like to say, however, that it isn't quite as fast paced as a typical boss fight song. IMO, it sounds more like a main menu song or something of the likes.

PS Just a random thought about your rose songs, but I just went through all of them one after another. Since they are so similar and they loop, playing them back-to-back almost sounded like they were all the same song :D except for the last one, but that's ok...it's not a rose at a specific time of day anyhow lol

NemesisTheory responds:

It's definitely a new approach! But not any less RPG-like I think haha. xD

I don't necessarily think boss fight music needs to be fast in order to be, well, boss-type music but I see your point!

And yes, I hear that often too lol. It's totally not intended, but still nice all the same!

Thanks for the review. <3