Reviews for "Rose At Eclipse"

So it's meant to be some sort of RPG boss theme? I think you nailed it! The orchestrations sound like they come straight out of an RPG, or an epic high fantasy movie. I can definitely imagine this track playing while playing a Final Fantasy-esque game. 5/5

It's always worth coming back and catching up to what you release : ]
I like being able to come back to newgrounds and see that people are moving forward.
This is what this song gives off, a sense of advancement.
This piece is wonderful all over, definitely fit for a AAA game, hell, fit for a SSS game if such a thing existed! A very war-like feel to it as well.
I look forward to hearing what V. 2 has in store for us E:

Still doing an amazing job!

Very wonderful job! Moving music when the mindset is right too. This, Rose At Twilight, and especially Edge of Faith are very good tracks.
I always look forward to your submissions and hope you keep up the good work, you deserve it!

I'm amazed that not all reviews are 10/10!!!!!!

I always loved orchestral, and finally my favourite artist brings me some!

oh god

that violin gives me goosebumps