Reviews for "Rose At Eclipse"

Its like kingdom hearts, final fantasy, and the secret series all combined into one epic song. I give you props nemesis, love this music.

It sounds like a... You heard of Warhawk, right? On the PS3? It would pass as the menu music without much notice if somebody modified the game to play this song... Even if it was the developer!

i thought a first that there were 2 rose songs...how wronged i was, it's intresting to see just how big of a group the final battle music of raze2 comes from

Reminds me a lot of my favorite RPG video games during the battle songs. Great job!

So it's meant to be some sort of RPG boss theme? I think you nailed it! The orchestrations sound like they come straight out of an RPG, or an epic high fantasy movie. I can definitely imagine this track playing while playing a Final Fantasy-esque game. 5/5