Reviews for "Rose At Eclipse"

Amazing as always

Your Rose series is absolutely amazing, and I always look forward to any new songs by you. This one is definately more layered, and I can easily picture this for a multiple stage boss fight, probably final boss. It's absolutely flawless--the best in the Rose series thus far!


The beginning sounds like it could be the character select theme for the next Killer Instinct


I Love Your Work And I've Waited For This Rose TO Come Ever Since I've Heared The Previous Rose

Keep Up Your Works

Great as always.

There's not much I can say that hasn't already been said. Again, this is a great piece.
However, I do have a question. Around the middle mark or so, the Melody reminded me a lot of the Crysis 2 Main theme. Was that part of your inspiration, or something? Because it sounded a lot like it.


As usual, perfect balancing between the instruments, tons of variety, and a great length.

Your work continues to be genius. I tend to use them quite often in my youtube videos!