Reviews for "Samson the Foolish"

Like it

It was good, I'm glad someone used a Biblical story in a Flash animation. Praise God.

Some of the story you changed a bit, and a couple times it just seemed flippant, but pretty good nonetheless.


Wonderful use of a biblical story! I'm not use to seeing such attention to detail in accuracy on Newgrounds. The blended settings worked surprisingly well and meshed without disrupting the WSOD (willing suspension of disbelief) which is noteworthy. The animations were clever and enjoyable. (I do wonder why Samson was not shown with dreadlocks in the earliest scenes as he was said to have seven great locks but is shown with them in later ones. But that is just a quibble.)

I would note that the sound quality and use of sound effects seems to tapper off at the end. They sound flatter and are used perhaps to sparingly. Again, it is a minor thing.

Very nice though and I'm glad you did not try to make it preachy or get heavy handed. Kudos.

Pretty good

Pretty boring but good animations. Some more action would have made it a bit more interesting.


kinda funny but you coud have done more out of a bibel history;)


i love thease you have talent! i love your movies :] i really apretiate someone who can create a good story on here