Reviews for "Samson the Foolish"

Pretty cool...

The whole "animation mixed with tweens" thing really bothers me, but thats my problem. Sometimes it had real power, and other times felt kind of like it was coasting. But good length, composition, and detail made this a really good flash.
Yay, you!

Samson is a badass

heh, I havent heard that story in a long time, nice spin on it. The bible never was one for a good ending though :-/

anyway, I liked it.

So the moral of the story...

If your girlfriend keeps asking what will make you weak, and you wake up two nights in a row with her doing that very thing ... dump her ass. A relationship may be about trust, but a real girlfriend wouldn't try to neuter ruin her man.

Lesson learned!

(Art & sound were good. Two Thumbs up!)

your good

although the movie depicts samson as an idiot, its really close to the bible, I mean, I saw exact quotes! congradulations on the ability to animate accuractely(ish) and provide entertainment, disney would be proud.


thanks :)