Reviews for "Samson the Foolish"

Not too shabby

Loved the sewing machines, that was pretty damn funny.


lol u kept the story prety good except how his hair grew back and it gave him strength......what ever you still make it awsome


I liked how you told the story of the biblical Samson story you actually made it entertaining and brought us into listen, even with some humor that was quite funny to (then he saw the most beautiful woman he ever saw) well great animating and voicing. you did a great job on narrating the too. hope to see more biblical stories from you like this. you even did it without using any negativity towards the Christian faith as well. that makes your flashes even more worth watching.

Eww, the bible.

Awesomely fantastic animation though. Great voices, drawings, music. Very nicely done. And, all praise to Flying Spaghetti Monster, you stayed away from that sacchariney style that makes those 3am bible cartoons so awful.

That was awesome,

It took me until she cut his hair for me to realize it was the Biblical story lol.