Reviews for "Samson the Foolish"


You didn't mention Delilah anywhere, which was kinda sad. Otherwise, I am glad someone made a flash out of my favorite bible story.

great work

I thought it was pretty fun, loved the style, and voice acting. it could be better, and i love how you made a bible story. keep it up, you've really got it!

great job

dam this is a quite interesting story would be better if it were longer and add more emotions. then it would be perfect! great job though

Nice Job.

The story of Samson is my favorite biblical story and I like how you placed modern twists into your version. I love the art style and the voice acting (Australian voices rock!). The animation was really good regardless of the fact that you recycled a scene with the same chick in a different color. Your choice of music was also spot on. The only thing that I think that you've lacked in this is humor. Even though the story of Samson isn't humorous at all, you tried to take it in that direction and I admit that there were a couple of funny moments but all in all you didn't completely follow through with it. But it was entertaining and it was great story telling on your part.

Dunno what prob u guys got wit this

Boring, a little, but pretty darn accurate.