Reviews for "Samson the Foolish"


More Bible Stories Plz!


Man, that was really cool! I liked the animation, and the voice acting was pretty good. His run cracked me up. Samson was always my favorite biblical character, way to go!

Very good

nice piece of animation keep it up!

highly entertaining

It is unfortunate that the fanatical interpretation many have on the Bible often ruins its mythological and poetic value for those of us non-religious types. I found this a delightful take on an ancient tale. Those who know the story should laugh. Those who don't should realize that the Bible is a great piece of literature regardless of its truth value and check it out. Of course, this piece is a lot more funny.

nice it was

if i would get power from my hair i would be quite powerful =D
it was nice flash. even if it was based on the...bible...