Reviews for "Blue Custom!"


It was a lot of fun and I liked the balance of it all, but I just have to ask: does this have any relation to a game called Deathworm? Because it played almost exactly like it. Aside from that, it was really smooth and polished, and the music fit the game perfectly.


I will say that first and foremost, this feels like Feed'n'Frenzy with new colors to me. Nothing all that great. And with a name like Blue Custom I expected more. Now that I've played the game I've equated "Blue Custom" to mean that you painted the original game blue and uploaded it again. At least to me this is what it feels like. I just feel that a lot more could have been done here. Especially if it's the second time you've uploaded a game like this. Like most others, I did like this game but felt that it could use a little something. And like most others I agree that if the fish were able to grow as you ate smaller fish it would be more fun. Granted, it is still a good game in it's own way. It's just rather boring. There are no reward elements in this game. Yes, you do play for a score. The only problem with that is that in most games where you play for a high score, the game itself is interesting enough to make you WANT to achieve a high score. With this game, I played it once and put it down. It's good to waste time, but so are many other games out here. Personally, I feel this is a bottom of the barrel type game. It's a good attempt, but it needs a good bit more work. Create a sequel if you want, but don't upload the same thing with new colors.

Loved it but...

The music made my ears bleed. I loved the sfx, the gameplay, the graphics, but I couldn't play it for more than a couple of minutes because of the music.


too bad you dont grow any bigger

Awesome Game

The graphics and music go along with the game play really well. The growing issue can easily be overlooked considering you can FLY! I really like the mixed between the sea and the sky. Can't wait till the next release, def one of my favorites from this site.