Reviews for "Blue Custom!"


For some reason it reminds me of fl0w lol
Anyway its really fun, but I think you should make it so that you grow as you eat more creatures

Good game

I like this game. Its very simple but fun. As for the yellow pill it could make you bigger for one idea

Amazing Game!

Amazing game, but two things...

1.) You should be able to control with the mouse, the arrow keys hurt after a while.

2.) More types of fish and powerups.

And maybe the yellow pill could make you grow so you could beat the big fish for bonus points? that would be cool. :]


that was fun and adictive
you should make the yellow pill make you go invincable or 2x the size for an amount of time
all in all though great stuff!!!!
well done
ps. i like alien fish!!!


this game was rly fun