Reviews for "Blue Custom!"

reminds me

of a game called "fishy" that i played LONG ago, but like on steroids and better sounding, and tripped out colors, and not to mention the little blobby hing that ya play as is cool looking.

Game's good.

I'll tell you what'll make the next better. RPG elements. Like making your fish biger, faster, able use unique abilities.

Nice Game

The yellow pill could be a rare item that makes you grow to maximum size for a limited amount of time, allowing you to eat even the extremely large fish

Good, but...

This is a really really cool game with awesome music!

However, there are a few problems.

%u2022 Growing. As I'm sure you've realized, the yellow pills do not make you grow. That would be nice to fix.
%u2022 Background. Adding some sort of background to the dark spaces would be very nice, or maybe setting some sort of boundary to the game, like the ocean floor and atmosphere, and let it loop side to side?
%u2022 Those white dots. What exactly do they do?

Aside from that, here are some points I enjoyed.
%u2022 The music was fun and energetic and made me want to keep playing.
%u2022 The boost feature is great for escaping larger "fish" and catching "birds".
%u2022 I found a mine, when I touched it, it blew up! I didn't die, but neither did any other fish. It would be cool if hitting this would kill all things in the area.
%u2022 I found the wings! The wings is an awesome awesome feature! I loved flying around eating the "birds". The time limit was good too, not too long, and when it's done, you fall into the sea again.
%u2022 The concept was fun. I enjoyed swimming through scools of larger "fish", avoiding their jaws, shile eating the little ones and collecting bonuses.

Overall, a very fun game! 5/5, but 9/10 because of the issues I addressed earlier, mainly the growth one.

Good job again!

jjwallace responds:

thanks a lot man... im working on red custom as we speak

Nice game, upgrade.

Very nice game, the music is awsome too. Hope the next version comes soon, I want to grow!