Reviews for "2D Physics Tutorial"

pretty good !

very well explained but you need to know basic physics and maths
to understand it

xVel = xVel*(-f*cos2%u03B1+e*sin2%u03B1)+yVe l*sin%u03B1*cos%u03B1*(f+e);
yVel = xVel*sin%u03B1*cos%u03B1*(f+e)+yVel*(

this made it bounce of the "block" better i don't know why I just made the f a -f and the e a +e in the first bracket
but afterward it seemed to bounce better (y)

A good tutorial

While I never thought of making games, if I do, this'll be a good place to start!

A very in-depth tutorial!

I think that was top notch, even with the minor glitches (ie dragging ball over ground). But overall, it was fantastic. Some things you should consider including (if you can) in the sequel would be 'drag and release' trajectories. But for now, it's very good the way it is. Thanks!

Great, and about the maths...

To those who marked down this tutorial because of all the "hard" maths in it, I say that ALL of physics is maths, and flash physics is no different. I am suprised that people are marking him DOWN for including a detailed description of how he got the scripting he did, it was very good, would of taken a lot of time, and I couldn't spot any flaws in his logic. This was a great tutorial, and the only ones who can't gain from reading it would be the gods of action scripting and foolish noobs who cut and paste code from tutorials.

Thank you soooo much!

You've really explained slope and ball physics well! I've been looking for some insight on the subject, and you have helped out greatly! you are awesome!