Reviews for "Eternal Love[Original Mix"

Smooth Sounds

I like your transitioning through out the song its keeps it fresh, and your palette of sounds, just touch a lot of different levels of power and energy. I really love the variation and changes coming and going, very refreshing music that shows your gifts as an artist

Great work, keep the creativity up this can only get better - SteelLancer09

stephenstripling responds:

Thanks a lot!

awesome take on everything keep up the good work!!

awesome i just want to know if i can make a video with this music because
this has such a pick up on sound and it makes me wonder
about alot of things,dude you are a music genious!!

stephenstripling responds:

Thanks man, it means a lot. Yeah sure, just send me a link once it's up, and link back to me, preferable my facebook page. Thanks again!


Now tht is good!!!
ure right, God has given u a gift for music making! This is absolutely brilliant!!!

stephenstripling responds:

Thanks man! I really appreciate it!


I really like this piece. It's really easy to get into.
I also noticed this is similar to the opening for Overcoming. Was that intentional? Cause that was pretty good as well. Either way, keep up the good work!

stephenstripling responds:

Nope, it wasn't intentional. I had thought about making this sort of a dance mix once I realized that they were similar, but I decided not to. Thanks!


This is awesome... man is this is awesome!

The piano intro is emotional, sweet sounding the strings come in at just about the right level.

When your synths start to come in the song stays calm till your quieted lead begins building a lot of energy, I really like that!

Your kick is great.
I think the snare sounds good, but it needs not really more punch... but to sound a little different from the drum, you can fix that by layering another snare with it to give it the bass, the echo, and the punch that you need... not really a complaint, I liked what you had, this is just some advice to improve...

I liked your sub, it keeps everything from feeling too dry and empty.

Other than that it stays pretty simple, though simple is not always bad, I really don't have much else to describe.... It sounds great. Excellent work!

I'm glad to see a musical author who credits the one who gave us breathe to breathe and lungs to breathe it! I'd love it if you'd check out one or two of my newer songs, I still have a long way to go, but I'd love to get some support from you!

Thank you, for honoring God.


stephenstripling responds:

Thanks a lot. It's great to hear all of these things from you. And yeah I'll check out your stuff. Thanks again!