Reviews for "Eternal Love[Original Mix"


relaxing and celestial music

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someday i will make an awsome animation for this :3

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Thanks! Glad you like it!


Great intro!! I had absolutely no clue of what was in store for me after the first thirty seconds, I thought it was gonna be sad maybe kinda boring but when it hit I was like ohhh snap!!!

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Haha sweet, glad you liked it. Thanks!

Great track

All the chords and patterns fit perfectly.
I think you did a really great job on this, it reminds me a lot of oldschool Newgrounds music from like '08.
Makes me think of cornandbeans and like Zenon+ Comet= The big guys.
Keep this up and I see you up there with them.
This is a great track for reference for me, I want to make music like this to, but I know how hard it is.

Keep it up!

stephenstripling responds:

Well if you work at it, eventually it won't be all that hard. Just keep working on it. Thanks!

This was my future song I was planning

This is like exactly what I imagined but I'm glad you made it! lol