Reviews for "Eternal Love[Original Mix"

Great song,

Only the description put me off. I know you're probably happy you created this masterpiece, But not everybody on Newgrounds worships a god.

stephenstripling responds:

Nope, they don't. I'm just kinda throwing out there what I believe. Thanks!


I downloaded this when I was just looking for something to listen to, and just gave it a five. After finding that I was continually listening to it, I began to analyze it to see what gave it the effect that made me keep coming back. This piece of work is some of the best I have come across, and I can imagine a battle scene from this, or a flashback of fight. A person fighting for love and won't back down, even if it cost them there life. Good job on this, and keep it up, I will be expecting more like this.

stephenstripling responds:

Awesome, glad you like it. Thanks!

Great, 1 problem

This is one of the best dance songs I ever heard. I added to favorites. I just did not like that string instrument.

stephenstripling responds:

Oh ok, well thanks for reviewing!

this is the best song out there on newgrounds

my word please make more, keep up the awesome work!!!

stephenstripling responds:

Thanks a lot!

I'ma describe to you my thoughts on this.

(review's written stream of conscious while listening)
That intro melodies so sweet, great use of delay and reverb, and when the synth kicks in, that sudden low end makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Stirs up emotion, it's really good.

The transition's smooth (from intro to the dance-y part) and the kick seems perfect. The interlude felt like it came on to soon, but it's better then getting repetitive I suppose. Another smooth transition, and the change up surprised me going back into the danc-y stuff:] Ending lacked a climax though, it should've had a little extra something, an extention of the intro with new stuff, then faded out. Really that's just me though.

Hope you like my thoughts, and that they're coherent.

stephenstripling responds:

Great thoughts, thanks!