Reviews for "Eternal Love[Original Mix"

1 of the best tunes ever to this day

dude i have 2 say god has given u the gift to produce music and this tune dude ur the god this tune is bumbin

stephenstripling responds:

Glad you like it, thanks!

This is some really good music

I love how it starts and I feel that the song has a sort story behind it starting off with a little melody that I think resembles the point where you feel that there is no hope then the song starts to build as if there is hope. Then the song goes back into this calm melody then builds up again showing that in life you can have points where you fell alone and that there is no hope but as the song shows that in the end if you try hard enough you can get there.
Well that's what I think, and I like evilgene330's comment

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Cool thoughts. Thanks for reviewing!

It's not bad.

When the bass kick came in at 1:54, I swear to god I thought it was my heartbeat.

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Cool, glad you liked it, thanks!

I can't even find words to describe it


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Glad you liked it!

Music; the epitome of how amazing we are

I love this track for numerous reasons, but none more so than the inspiration behind it. This style perfectly represents how amazing music can be and, the emotions it can evoke. You make me proud to call myself human, and you've shown that music cares not for race, wealth, status or belief, it is merely beats that are joined together to form harmony. So to you sir, i say well done and, thanks

stephenstripling responds:

You're welcome, and thank you. Very good review.