Reviews for "Modern Tactics 3"

Pretty Sick

This game is very addicting!!! However,

Whenever someone dies on a tile, u can never shoot on that tile again because there is a gun there. Even after the gun disappears, for about three turns, u can't shoot there!!

Also, accuracy is essential in this game. If u walk up to someone and miss, ur dead right there. But the bad thing is those odds still sometimes applies to people who are right next to you. One time, I missised on a knife!! How can u do that!!

Other than that, Sweet game.

Freakin Sweet

Very good game, I think I'm hooked on this one. I think it's well done, although the sniper rifle leaves something to be desired, and I think that when you're on a large map your team should spawn closer together. I also found a glitch (at least I think it's a glitch) where when using a sniper rifle, the rifle has a minimum range. But that's not the problem, the problem is when you switch from the rifle to your sidearm, the range and the minimum range carries over. So then your sidearm then is useless in close quarters. :l

But I still love the game!

Fantastic Game!!!

The grafics are great and the levels are hard. A good challenge for a skilled player.
A must play game.

i love this

i have look a long time now i played it plz make one more and put it online plz

godo game and all not gonna lie i love it

but your losing one star becaus of a glitch, where they went to throw a supply over to a teamate and it hit a dead body and just kept on giving supplies to it and basically looped endlessly great game hope to see another one