Reviews for "Modern Tactics 3"

The cheats

knifed - No weapons and no grenades.

bombs away - Units drop a random grenade when they die.

health pack - All units get double health.

time warp - Units respawn instantly.

ultranationalist - Switch sides.

ninja - start off invisible to enemies

the secret - rank 20

i win - beat campaign

loved it guns got better

also maps and other stuff perfecto

Great, I LOVE the series

fantastic, can't get much better can it? the customisation is nigh on perfect, the scenarios challenging and varying, and above all a fun game to play, one technical hitch is sometimes the map scrolls to the right and there so way of moving it back, so 9/10 if it wernt for tht highly annoying glitch


hey why did you make few cheats?!??!?i wanna have all of the guns already still its a great game!!!!P.S. WOOT!!!MY FIVE R BELONGS TO THIS!

Blown Away!

This game is one of my most favorite army game ever! I played Modern Tactics 1 - 3! Very good game, can't wait till Modern Tactics 4! :P