Reviews for "Modern Tactics 3"

friggin' awesome!!!!!!!!!

i love it.....
Gameplay- 10
Graphics- 8
Overall awesome!!!!!! but the one thing i didn't like was the poor gun drawings


Man, I love this game. It is a lot like call of duty, except turn-based. Great system, love the turn based and no leader factors, great choice of weapons, skills, attachments, and pretty much everything. I also love how you don't have to beat the level to get xp and how you can replay previous things, and the destination game mode. Wonderful! Whatever new tactical-rpg your making, I hope it isn't to far of from this piece of art!
Out of 5:
Graphics- 3
Gameplay- 4
Replay value- 5
Upgrades and interest value-4
Frustration ( bad thing) -

Amazing Game

Reminds me of Modern Warfare 2.

By the way, @vonskylar, you are a dumbass. It's called Dragon Skin. Want them to do not kill you? THEM GET YOUR LEVEL UP AND STOP USING SHITTY PERKS, KID.


ok,so,i fuckin' knifed one of the enemies and he takes 120,he knifed me,i die from 125....well,i thought no big deal...until it happened twice...three times...four times....8 times...until you fix their god mode shit...im not playing again...

Genius idea. Near perfect Execution.

Mixed emotions about the opponent. as mentioned earlier, they seem to spam flash grenades. While this is an optimal tactic, that fact in itself is a fault.

Loved the abilities.
Bayonets rule.
"There's to many!" -FLASH- "never mind" -bang bang bang-

Also, it didn't take long to get tired of the enemy's fixed tech level. Don't get me wrong, the levels were a fitting idea, and well balanced. But I almost felt it would be smarter to let them shoot me so I wouldn't advance, because the Terrorist's tech was fixed at Player + 2-3. I actually found my troops getting weaker as I reached tech 10 and found that the computer was already using tech 13 weapons that were perfectly balanced.

Really felt tactical overall. Definite feeling of victory when 3-4 bite the dust at once.

Need More!!!