Reviews for "Modern Tactics 3"

MT3 Cheats

Modern Tactics 3 Cheats
These are some of the cheats in MT3 but there are more hidden within the game! Search around and you will find more.

knifed - No weapons and no grenades.
bombs away - Units drop a random grenade when they die.
health pack - All units get double health.
time warp - Units respawn instantly.
ultranationalist - Switch sides.
the secret-Rank 20.

Great Game!

Was playing for hours :D


it a good gmae iv been looking for a game like this but 2 things
1 when i click the link to get more maps it dont work i cant find them on your website amd i cant find ww2 tactics or play mt online

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c8,d4,ca,cb,d9,d0A2b,0d,1c,1a,2a,02,0 6,13,20,29
here people add this i made it today it not bad try it


Well as I played through it for the first time, I quickly got extremely addicted, I love war stuff, armee movies, and all that good stuff, so this game fulfilled that purpose of enrapturing me to play. I played it for about 20 minutes last night. Got home from work, and played it for another 20 minutes, and beat the game 'cause it's that great!

What the Deutsch say "Das Game ist Gross, ja!"

best game evah :D

this game is extremely well made, its very addicting and fun. i like to create my own maps and play them. i beat the game on hard, and i got a secret weapon :D. for those who would like to know the cheats that aren't noted in the get cheats section.
Watch Out Spoiler!:

the secret- lvl 20
i win- beat campaign (doesnt get hidden guns)
ultranationalist-be a terrorist