Reviews for "Modern Tactics 3"


Really nice!!
I like the idea of "unlocking" cheats!!
keep up the good work!!

an easy 10

All in all Amazing game, i dont know why but one of the maps i made my team could not use the Machine guns that i placed while the enimy could but that was the 1.00 version so that dosent count here, still great game, some games are so bad that i would rather watch grass grow but here, that grass is gana be growing while im playing this game, only things are that it needs 2 player and some more character accesories (cloths)

You know what would make this PERFECT?

2 players...

Its a good game

Its a good game but i dont like it....i think taht its too easy to get killed ...but its good anyway

Loved it.

Essentially the same thing as the second one but... it has a longer and better campaign. Could you make something like this but WW2 style? That would be great, and it wouldn't take as much work since all you have to do is configure the weapons and character sprites. Nice work though!