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Reviews for "Big Head Bicycle Blunder"


What a stupid end mann!!!
tha story sucks! I think that you can make better... ^.^'
The art is good but the story not...

Stop this!

no, really, sorry, but I've got few questions... Where is the "great" plot you all are talking about? Humor? Where? A good flash must not always be funny, but it must have, at least, a good plot, or maybe the animation, or the idea. If you are writing these coments to make fun of the guy who made the flash, than quit it, please! Make some useful advises. Now to the author. If you are making a long movie, try to work on a plot first. It should have an idea or something interesting at least. Work on the characters, pay less attention to the background, the characters need your attension. All of it. Sorry, I'm giving this a 4, not more. Please do your best next time.

AtomicBottle responds:

those are some sweet flash cartoons you made

i like it

umm i cold add arms butttttt i liked it


it was good but needed improvement

Great job

ITs a great flash and people should know that a great flash doesnt need to be funny. ANd this flash tells a story about a boy who gets a friend loses the friend and avenges his friend