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Reviews for "Big Head Bicycle Blunder"

Liked it

It was a bit slow, but animations, sound, and storyline really meshed well together. Need to work a little on the ending... I mean the bullet thing was cool, but why the cliff to fall off of? Much to simple a death for the long slow buildup. Keep up the good work.


story was extremely/miserably slow

2/10 for effort and 1/5 for getting on the front page...

srry @_@

"half funny"

lol that was a good peice of work you got there sir. i really enjoyed your video.. could you make another one? and make it a l'ill more funny

Bit boring.

I got bored and quitted half way through.
Needs to be faster paced.


The characters are cool, the story line was OK; but it was so slow that it didn't present well. I still give it an 8 because I liked it. Keep it up!