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Reviews for "Big Head Bicycle Blunder"


waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too slow, literally, the characters move so slow its painful to watch, and theres no voices and little sound effects, so it gets really dull at times. The humor was ok, but im giving pretty much all my 7 points to how funny and unexpected that clown appearing was, if you could make the whole movie that fast and comical then i could give you a 10

ooh i will

kill the boy who broke the bike ::@


THAT WAS INTENSE! the gun reminds me of my airsoft and pellet guns and how I shoot my big bro and gophers. keep up the action oh ya the blonde kid must be on steroids!

Liked it

Animation was'nt the greatest quility still good though

not bad

great work for story line but music did't sound good with your kind of action