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Reviews for "Big Head Bicycle Blunder"


OH MUH GAHD, that was SLOW, and the drawing was so sloppy I could barely finish watching it.

You need some practice, my friend.

really funny

I enjoyed this, it was very funny, great orinal graphics, and swell.

What was the point?

Remember, kids. The moral of the story is, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. And that makes about as much sense as this flash.

On the plus-side, the art was good, but on the down-side, it was slow-paced, the plot didn't make much sense, and it was bland.

If someone hits me while I'm riding my bike, then proceeds to stop and purposefully break my bicycle rather than make sure I'm not dead ... Dude, I'm not calling a friend to go hit their car, I'm gonna call the cops and a lawyer. Your guy didn't do that; the whole plot was just non sequitur.

AtomicBottle responds:

Moral? The moral is don't f**k with him.

Sweet flash man.

That was really entertaining i love the style and plot behind it also you added a lot of little things and some funny stuff,overall it was really enjoyable. =)


liked it a lot make another one though it needs diolouge