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Reviews for "Big Head Bicycle Blunder"

Hey, this is a nice flash...

...and I like it!

Here's what I think needs some improvement. The art is simple and easy, but I seem to see some inconsistency with your drawing. The pace of the movement (whether it be character movement or cameral movement etc) is a bit slow for my taste. Did you make the flash at 15 fps?

Overall, I've got no complaints on this flash, could do with a little improvement though. Keep up the good work bro!

Very Nice....

Great animation, Great Story and pretty funny....

GRAPHICS - Loved the characters and the style you chose to draw them. No complaints in this category. (5/5)

SOUNDS - Sound and music that you picked for this peice fit perfectly. No Complaints (5/5)

ORIGINALITY - Story was very original... Hands kinda reminded me of a krinkels style animation. Other then that excellent. (3/5)

(4/5, 8/10)


Very slow... needs to be faster it gets kinda boring i don't need time to see EVERTYHING in the background.... Good parts are the jokes in the movie which are pretty funny the animation isn't the greatest but really does get the job done... overall i'd say this is a 7 just bc it's not too short not too long but a little too slow good job tho!


very nice

though I wonder why the bike was listed 2007-08 when it only made it one day...

Very nice job.


That was a really good movie. Long, but it was pretty good. It was funny and the animation was neat.