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Reviews for "Big Head Bicycle Blunder"


Say anything u want,but i think IT GREAT(exlude some parts of audio)
It seems like story-line is nothing for somebody,why?Its a tragedy,its a drama.It worth the atention.

it was...

there was death... and i like death.


Animation is really slow and needs more sound effects. it also needs a little backround info like where did the dude in his car come from? It is a fuuny idea but keep trying. Youll get it

the animation needs work

this was kinda cute i guess and the story was entertaining but the animation was poor the one thing i did like is how he put on the spy outfit buy the arms have an everextending reach along with the feet.

A real trip~!

from the inanbe this story takes a quick trip into the bizzare!! from a boy winning a bike in a unimmaginable fashion to getting hit and taking revenge as a a juinor rambo complete with body armor and nigh tvision glasses. oh yes a word to the wise in animation: in the land of disembodied hands the one armed man is king