Reviews for "//Necropolis Prelude"


Dude that look so awesome! hurry up and finish so i can enjoy the real thing

no more trailer

i want to see an episode of this

JazLyte responds:

There's 2 out already, been out for almost a year.


Very lucid and straight-to-the-point introduction. I like the narration as well as the film going on. I'll go look your Nightgun series now. :)


Hope you work up harder than this one, this one is still awesome :)

Really nice, captured your last ones really well.

Great animation and i think the story has immense potential
and for those who think the story hasn't been made, check the artist's work before you say "see the real one" cause there already is one.

Great job man.

JazLyte responds:

Thank you for saying that, these people are hilarious. It's called OTHER SUBMISSIONS.