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Reviews for "//Necropolis Prelude"

*Has his mouth opened*

*But no words come out because of the beauty and atmoshpere of this short clip*


thass some good ass shit,
like religious overtones,
beautifully dystopian thematic flavor,
all the good stuff for a book or film,
crammed into this short clip.
the rest of the stuff once you finished should be pretty good.
so i cant wait for that =D


Good presentation.
Sorry, not much of a fan though.

Holy shit!!

I know you got more man! were is it!?? I NEED MY FIX!
that was 45 seconds of pure gold! But seriously, the animation was great as always, and it was awesome the way you narrated it.
This has style written all over it bro, so It deserves to get a five
Can't wait to see the finished product!

JazLyte responds:

Thanks Glenn, preciate that a lot! I do have more, but this is more recent than what I had showed you. I'm resarting Nightgun 2 one last time in this style so that it can have more animation. People seem to think it's alright, thanks 4 the support


This is definitely the perfect intro to the series. I'm interested, I love the effects, animation and narration. One tiny little thing that didn't really detract for me-- spelling in the subtitles, but other than that, fantastic job!