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Reviews for "//Necropolis Prelude"

Yet another series

I like you style of animations so I definitely be looking forward to more ^_^

This is awesome dude

What da hell!!! it was so friking awesome!!!

I loved the plot and the details

Of course that the text is very deep and interesting.

I enjoyed a lot the voice acting, it sound so profesional and I guess I would have to see your other submisions =P because it really was something

i didnt get the plot of the show

it needs more to it then just that i guss it was ok


dude!!! i wanna see it!!!!


Looks like an interesting series, very original. I can't believe that you keep complaining about how you draw. Sure, it could use a little improvement in the anatomy (heads and limbs are sometimes weird in perspective), but you are still a great animator. Don't worry man, just keep at it and eventually everything will come together.