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Reviews for "//Necropolis Prelude"

NIce Job Kalen

Very Very much improved form Devil Slayer and the back story is simple yet engaging. I also liked how you added a little of yourself into it with the application of Christianity(I am assuming you are a christian). Overall it's great can I look forward to seeing more.

JazLyte responds:

You scared me when you said my real name lol, but I forgot it's right to the left of all my movies. Glad to hear from somebody who saw me coming out. It was a really tough decision whether or not I would include issues of faith because people tend to find the subject of God depressing or offensive, but I'm glad I did. Thanks for the review!


Nice flash.

Nice job!

I liked this! It provided some good, basic backstory, and I felt the animation style was much improved from earlier episodes. Character movement was more fliud, and it was much easier to tell what was going on. However, it definitely left unanswered a few of my questions from the earlier episodes, which I can only assume will be addressed in future installments.

JazLyte responds:

I hope you don't mean DevilSlayer, because I'm not touching that story anymore hehe.... I didn't even know what was going on myself, there was no plot direction, and I was just throwing a bunch of stuff together so that I could make a cartoon. But if you mean the Nightgun pilot episode, yeah other story elements will be summed up. But some cliches will be dropped, just to warn you.

Awesome story reference!

+Presentation is solid gold
+Music suits the theme
+Great artwork

+/- Just a bit visually busy, but then again given the length, it is very appropriate.

I really really look forward to your other NightGun submissions! Given this piece, i can already assume it will be in the top 50!



waiting for the next one.