Reviews for "//Necropolis Prelude"


I can tell by this that it's going to be acting. The voice acting is what really amazes me though. It sounds proffesional. 10/10

I give you a ton of credit, man

You probably don't remember this but I had reviewed your Devil Slayer intro/theme a lonnnng time ago and I was impressed by your level of professionalism towards my critique. Mature NG users if def what we need more of around here. Anyways, great job - your series looks very promising and whether you meant to or not, you improved upon all the things I suggested to you before! Keep up the awesome work - you certainly have some talent.

P.S.: Ever thought of putting your stuff on Adult Swim??

JazLyte responds:

Thanks for sticking with me man =) You have no idea how much I would love to get these on Adult Swim, it's just... I'm a community college freshmen with not even half the time to make a whole series in so little time. But who knows, man. Anything could happen.


cant wait for the series

JazLyte responds:

thanks, first movie's done, go check it out =)

ha it's about time man

i almost thought we were gonna have to come over n submit this for you :p

JazLyte responds:

What, lol when it wasn't finished? I was half done when you and Matt came over

Great Start

This my be a great start of an serise that will go down in history. 9/10

JazLyte responds:

Now that would be sweet!