Reviews for "//Necropolis Prelude"

For something that was really short, I still loved this. The best thing is probably how it sets up this mythology. Christians being suppressed? That wouldn't surprise me. I mean, Doug Stanhope got away with saying Christians are more evil than Nazis. Someone as horrible as that deserves to be a bum on the streets where they belong.

I really do like where this is going. I didn't know there would even be dialogue. I thought it was just like a trailer. It really was part of the story. You knew preludes could be so good?


A bit short, but that is just a small issue i have. On the plus side the animation is good and it gives enough info to interest viewers without giving away the whole story. I hope your other necropolis animations are this good. I will definiatly watch them all.

very nice

great prelude that's all that needs to be said


lol this prelude is probably going to make me watch your whole series ^^

JazLyte responds:

now you're trapped, prepare for eye rape

kick ass

dude really perfect