Reviews for "Shrubbery."

No health regeneration...

What was the deal with that.
The game could have been so much better if health regeneration was on, but instead you just have to pray you don't ever get hit by pretty much anything.
Meh, the game's pretty good, just no health regeneration.

Good game

But I did find a glitch that lets you slide off the screen. If you move back into the bottom left corner, you just fall off the screen. Other than that the game is very nice. I love the music.

Well, the idea was nice...

The difficulty... not so much. I found it to just be a tiny bit too hard for my taste. Otherwise, it was one of the best (as I call them) dodger games i've played so far!

Pretty Good

i got a lil pissed off that my health was so low though

not bad

a mute button would have been nice. the concept was great, the stlye of the art was intriging and the difficulty was a good level. all in all nice job