Reviews for "Shrubbery."

good but hard

this game almost ROCKS! but its soooo hard but the level 1 boss is IMPOSSIBLE!

pretty good, too hard

It was fun at the start, but it seemed as though it got harder and harder every time i played, even if i was on the same level. Also, there were times that the enemies would make a wall, and i couldn't avoid them. Also, the ability to regain health should be the first one as losing health happens quite often. The biggest problem though is that there are simply too many enemies. Maybe cut down on the enemies a bit, that would make it much more playable. Other than that its a very good game.

DON'T get me another shrubbery!

It'd be nice if you could press something to shoot and it didn't do it automatically, maybe get rid of a lot of the enemies and then add enemies that fought back more.

It was too hard for me

Sorry i thought it was too hard, I just ended up a little bit bored. Nothing personal it is a fun game but because I found it difficult I lost concentration

too damn hard

accualy make the repair ability work well and the only boss even remotely possible is the second just not worth playing it if your easily frustrated