Reviews for "Shrubbery."

no health regen

its a fun game but it needs health regeneration after each boss at least.


If you have the powerup that makes seeds fall from the sky, then just slide off the screen during boss battles and you can't lose.

Fun to play : )

I think I should mention what no-one else has mentioned. Yes you can slide off at the bottom left of the screen, but you can come back on again ;) Infact you can come back on underneath the invisible wall that acts as the hard floor. Which made the game very easy for me once I accidentally discovered it half-way through ;)

Epic Boss Music

Aside from that one off screen glitch, it was a wonderful game. The boss music was epic. I really think you should redo the boss music at a higher bitrate and upload it. I really enjoyed this game. 9 - 5 and other than the glitch it was a great play.


ok when i played it was kinda glitchy that when i went to down left corner my ship just left the screen and wouldnt show up anymore. otherwise the game was great original idea nice powerups but maybe a better health system lie falling crates? nice game still keep working.