Reviews for "Shrubbery."


Mayor glicth! i couldnt do anything at the first boss. i just was hanging ther and dropping seeds;(


This game has 3 things:
1. Basic/Simple style of game yet addictive and soewhat entertaining
2.The bosses are a bit too hard(could only get 1/4 of the way finished)
3.Couldn't understande what the skills really did or how to get better stats
P.S. good game just things that are wrong with it(also the "no healing" between levels made it hard too)

I found a glitch

If you go to the bottom right corner you can go off screen.


I LIKE IT, but the last boss too hard!!!!!! I BEAT IT HALFWAYS!!!!!!!


I like the idea of planting trees to save the environment, but the character design just lacks any soul. I'd make more outspoken characters, not some flying dots and a silly gnomish cloudboy. The gameplay itself is fair.