Reviews for "Shrubbery."


This game was made in 2008 and is amazingly well done. I was however hoping to see a sequel by now.


nice clam music with simple controls and harder levels, very addictive. but no save????


It's cute, hard(in a good way) and it makes you want to keep playing it. I love it.

Ya know

I gotta say, this is a REALLY cool game. The only thing I think MIGHT make it cooler, if there were health bonuses after finishing a level. It could make the game last a little longer for beginners. But the challenge is good as well! All together, good game(dig the music, too).

You kids don't know what hard is.

This game is actually a challenge, and challenge is something we don't have nearly enough of in this day and age.

I love the graphics, the boss fights, the level design, all of it.

It has two flaws though: The glitch mentioned, where you can "go under" the level and avoid the enemies.

The problem outside of design itself it the stat system. It's pointless to put points into anything but speed at the very least up to 4, otherwise bosses are indeed impossible.

I'm still giving this a ten though. It's just very good.