Reviews for "Shrubbery."


Finally a game without a blood or a violence.

But there is a bug, if you will fly down in the left corner of screen, you can go down and those creatures wont hurt you.

Yes it does

its an ok game but it can be improved in th feture no?

needs more health

its a good game, but the one health bar and no heath regeneration its hard.
Heres some advice on how to heal though: once you get the health regeneration thing play one level over and over again w/ out getting hit to restore some health. it takes a while.

One health bar for all missions?!

The game itself is fun, but its difficult without any tipe of noramal health regeneration.


it settles a very unrealistic envirmental problem
sirously ppl start taking care of the envirment!!!!!!
i even donate 50$ every month to the somotrane elephants
i love our planet and i want my children (i dont have any!!! yet) to live and roam free on this awesome planet
i love this game, i love this planet, and i love this website, so to keep it all!!!, start taking care of all of it!!!