Reviews for "-= Time (RMX) =-"

I think i just had an eargasm

TheBiocide responds:

Those are always nice ;) Hahahaha, thank you, my friend!

Dude...Im sure you have played legend of zelda.

You need to do some remixes.

I have not heard a single remix of temple of time that was worthy.

Sorry for asking you to do all the leg work, but i sure as hell wont.

I would just disgrace myself.

i really love this song, keep up the good work.

TheBiocide responds:

And it loves you <3 Hehehe, thanks man ;)

Truly a nice piece of work you have here. It's been a long time since I've been on your page, checking out your music. Today I finally decided to check out all the new songs you've posted. This, my good man, is by far one of the better dubstep songs I have heard in a while. I am no expert in mixing and creating digital music, but I do know how I feel about this song.
One thing is for sure, you're very talented in making music. Keep up the good work!

TheBiocide responds:

Man, i forgot how awesome your reviews were. You've gotta stop by more often! Haha :)

But really, thanks a ton, my friend. Its good to know that you're still diggin the tunes. I've got a lot of good things happening for my music career lately, so you'll definitely hear more from me in the future!

Thanks again and much love, dude! <3

great remix you really know how to tie in the vocals with the bass drop good work :) i like the sick ass subwoofer beats too bro really good job you nailed it with this. the only thing is try to keep your audience by making this unique and make your next track/mix have some good sub sounds and some sick wobs in there. you need your own trademark sound in your mixes tough like how skrillex has a lot of wobs in his remixes. great job though you really nailed this. and i think that underground is better then mainstream because the underground djs work harder so that their remixes and their mixes are sick. but yeah dude you have a sick ass mix right here keep up the good work ill keep an eye on yur profile to see whats gonna come next!

TheBiocide responds:

Thanks dude :) I can't really think of much to write, as we've discussed a lot through PM's... Still, I appreciate the review!