Reviews for "-= Time (RMX) =-"

Only one bad thing...

It's too short!!! Anyways this is one amazing tune. Once again you have made a masterpiece. Keep on pluggin out the tuneage can't get enough of the music. Maybe it's just me but I have no real complaints about this song.

TheBiocide responds:

Well, that's just fine. Haha Thanks a lot for that, my friend. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Plus, no complaints is always a wonderful thing :)


I love this song :)
and honestly, I liked the spaces, gave it a sort of... Build up for the Bass and snare to kick back in, though some did seem a bit, Lengthy. Try expirementing around with it, I bet you could make it sound REALLY nice

TheBiocide responds:

Thanks dude! I'm really glad you liked the way this one sounds. And I'm glad you liked the spaciness of it too! And to be honest, I was afraid the song was too short rather than "lengthy" :o But then again, everyone's got their preferences.

Still, thanks for your input! It's much appreciated :)


Really great, I enjoyed the way song broke and how the beat of the song turned out...this deserves to be at the top of the list in the dub step section... it was extremely good and I hope you make more songs like this, but I do think the song could have ended a little better than the immediate cut off you did there. Great job overall! You got a 10/10 ALL MY 5R and 2 thumbs up from the man the man in the sky ;)

TheBiocide responds:

Hey thanks a lot, man! That's a good review :) I have no idea what I was thinking when I had the song end the way it did, but I regret that so much right now... Haha That would've been an easy fix too. My apologies, my friend.

Thanks again for the good review, and I'm really glad you like the song as much as you did :D Hope to hear from ya on my later projects too!

what soulblud said

... and I'm only four days late! ;)
I've never heard the original track to this remix, so I arrived here unprepared.
I mostly agree with soulblud. For the "empty"-thing: The track is nice as it is, however it would have been possible to add some depth. It sounds a bit flat sometimes.
Does "Dubstep-Ambient" exist?
Adding the Ambient would have taken care of the spaces in the song.
(and, of course, good work!)

TheBiocide responds:

Hahaha, thanks man! With each review I get, I regret not going back into this before I uploaded it and adding some more atmospheric elements to it :/

And I'm not sure about the whole Ambient Dubstep thing... but that's worth looking into. Haha

Thanks again for that review, my friend. It's always good to hear from you!

Well, it's pretty good

I really like the beat. While the drop is nice also, (call me a critic) it does seem to feel a little empty to me...

Other than that, I really love it.

TheBiocide responds:

Man, I agree with you 100%. This was one of those songs that was stumping the hell out of me while I was making it. (Hence the short timeframe...) I did want to give it a minimalistic feel, but you're definitely right when you say it's too empty. Perhaps some ambient atmosphere could've helped...

But yeah! Thanks for that review, and the compliments. Hopefully my next song with lyrics will turn out much better :)