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Reviews for "Sinta"

not bad

it as potential, but you need to develop this idea better, overall gameplay needs polishing.

After a one night stand.

The contols arn't smooth enough and the controls, especially the jumping were a little stiff. The idea for the game itself was good although the game itself was very repetitive.

So basically the pussy was'nt good. It was like fucking a small, boring brunette who wouldn't no doggystyle or oral if you slapped her in the face with it.


its okay

it's starts out okay, but quickly the control issues make the game almost on playable. Shooting can be a pain and there is no lag time between damage so if you get knocked into an enemy and you just take damage as you bounce around

Youber Kids?

Informative, though pronunciations of Nene and Uberkids annoyed me greatly. Isn't Nene pronounced "Neh Neh"? And Uber Kids is NOT pronounced "Youber Kids". Learn from the Germans

Bit boring

I thought it was rather boring, try putting more action into it like making it a first person shooter

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