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Reviews for "Sinta"


i thought this game was great but you should have a restart button AND also you should have a guide to where the secret doors and stars are

Pretty Good

The controls were alright and I liked the upgrades you could find, however there were several things that could use improvement. If a monster manages to hit you against a wall, your boned. There is no possible means of escape and it's an instant death. You should also add a reaction to the damage taken. With creatures such as the spiders, you take damage without being knocked back or flinching. This means unless you look at your health periodically, you might be getting killed without knowing it. Other than those tiny flaws this game was pretty fun and I enjoyed it. Keep up the good work.

Not amazing but....

... it's fun and challenging but not impossible.

It's definetely better than Kid Icarus.


I didnt get to finish the game... But if i have to say something (which I don't), this is it...

I liked the graphics... cute but not kiddish... It was lots of fun playing with the bow and arrows (maybe you could change the code a bit so that the arrow drops down with distance, you know, to make it lil more realistic)... I didn't understand why you could open the door to go back to a previous location... That kept respawning arrows so I could use as many as i needed... no problem... maybe you could change this so that once your through the door, your through the door and there's no turning back... would give the game an extra edge if you could run out of ammo...

Keep it up! Good work! Looks like you had fun making this game!

P.S.: To all you people out there, if the game is lagging, stop whining and get yourself a better computer. Just cuz your still in the prehistoric age doesn't mean the rest of us have to wait for you...

a good game. yea

its a good game! i liked the way the character moves, jumps, and does each action. pretty fun! i also liked the variety of enemies and lvl taht it had. yet, i think it should an intro, or at least a back story! or also a thing that would remember taht you killed the enemies in each stage. also a load/ written games screen would be k.i would like thsoe edits. yet, its an amazin game