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Reviews for "Sinta"

Pretty good, but

It makes it a little easy, considering there are so many arrows about, you shoot in straight lines, you can shoot through walls and there is health everywhere. But still, thats all little nibbles...i still enjoyed it.

Nice platformer, but has its issues

I have to say, It is fun for the first few minutes. However, during the later stages, I got really frustrated when I missed a platform and had to do the WHOLE PUZZLE all over again. especially in the room where the Amulet is. Its tough to judge when that moving platform is gonna stop and when to jump. You basicly have to do trail and error most of the time.

Otherwise, try to add some more detailed physics to the game, cause shooting the enemies through the walls just kinda took out some of the challange.


I love platformers, but this one had gameplay issues.
1. Too much lag. You need the option to reduce quality. What is causing that much lag anyway?
2. Too much sliding when you land from a jump, and also you have to accelerate from a start in order to jump sideways. That made it much more difficult to control.
3. You should have a separate key to open doors (other than the jump key)
4. He should be able to shoot when on a ladder.
5. Often I find myself falling off vertical moving platforms for no reason.
6. You need a save game feature.

I got the fire arrow and I was on the final level of the ice amulet when I threw in the towel. I guess the only way to get the amulet is to go to the top left, pull the lever there, then try to leap from the top left onto the moving platform. But the annoying sliding when you jump and the excessive lag made that task almost impossible, and after losing 5 lives on that one level I decided this game was no longer worth it.

Nifty little thing

A pretty neat game. Perfect length time-wise since it can get pretty tiresome especially with no storyline whatsoever to accompany your adventure with Sinta.
As far as platforming animals go Sinta's design is about as cute as can be :3
Been stated several times already but a seperate button for opening/activating and jumping would be wondrous. Ran into one area where it was possible to get stuck permanently (South tower 1, I believe) so having to quit and reattempt the tower was a bit tedious. Would be nice if there was another artifact that could help you with finding the secret doors, maybe gotten of beating the game, could maybe play a chime or something if you enter a room that has one.
All in all it's a pretty solid game with few imperfections but the ones that are there are pretty apparent. Also slap an intro onto this bad boy and give it some story, there isn't even a game over screen.


i definitely would have given it a higher score, except that when going for the magic amulet, i kept jumping and getting trapped in the one corner. so that i had to let a spider, a spider! kill me so i could get out.