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Reviews for "Sinta"


i thought this game was great but you should have a restart button AND also you should have a guide to where the secret doors and stars are


Its really fun, I can't get bored.

Very neat.

I'll be sure to share this one. I'm not sure how many other people here remember the Mac game that you based your engine on (Dark Castle! B-) ) but I sure do. Adding the stars was a nice touch. I got 291/300, I wonder where the other 9 are...

Warnockworld responds:

At last! A fellow Dark Castle fan! Its funny, I'd been waiting almost 20 years for DC3 to come out, and after getting tired, we thought we'd make our own. Then, like 3 weeks from launching this game, RTDC came out - full of awesomeness. Thanks for playing.

same here dakka-dakka

i got stuck there too in the east wing u pull the leaver and go to the last platform and full between the ladder and the smasher thing and the platform u just jumped off and it would be better if u put a restart button in


Very amusing, good graphics!
i liked it very much