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Reviews for "Sinta"

Very nice indeed


0. Hello Warnockworld.

1. Good Points:
* Gameplay, pretty impressive. I'm a big fan of platform games, and this surely does not disappoint.
* GFX, very cute. The edges are smooth and the color blend was very pleasing to the eyes. I must say, the graphics sold the game for me, very fitting for the game!
* SFX and Music, very fitting. The timing is just about right and the allocation of the FX are spot on. Good on you!
* Replayablity, the normal difficulty was easy and I didn't find any part of the game boring at all.
* Overall, the game was very well made.

2. (Not so) Good Points
* Length, I don't know if this is a common reaction but the game was a bit too short for me. This is not really a bad point for the game, it may even have rid the entire project from the "boring" factor. It's just too short for my taste and that's about it.

3. Did you know that Sinta has a Tagalog (Filipino) meaning to it? It's a term used for "lover" or "someone loved".

4. Good day and good job.



Very amusing, good graphics!
i liked it very much

Very neat.

I'll be sure to share this one. I'm not sure how many other people here remember the Mac game that you based your engine on (Dark Castle! B-) ) but I sure do. Adding the stars was a nice touch. I got 291/300, I wonder where the other 9 are...

Warnockworld responds:

At last! A fellow Dark Castle fan! Its funny, I'd been waiting almost 20 years for DC3 to come out, and after getting tired, we thought we'd make our own. Then, like 3 weeks from launching this game, RTDC came out - full of awesomeness. Thanks for playing.

Not bad.

A quick sidenote to OnslaughtRM, the gargoyles are killable, but you have to be quick and smart. When you hear the roar, don't pull any switches or make any jumps, just get as far left as possible. Then when it appears, fire two arrows into its chest. Altogether, the beast is annoying, especially during the boss battle. Nothing like needing to repeat the entire battle as well as part of the intro to discourage players.

Altogether, the game is pretty fun. The hidden door got me wondering, but I wasn't going back through the other areas to try finding others. The game needed a quality button badly, as most rooms lagged, screwing up the jumps and often killing the character. Another problem I found was that a monster could easily kill the player if it pinned him against the wall or (on one level that I know of) a spider drops onto the player while he rises on a platform, forcing him through the platform with the spider, possibly sending him to a death below. Still, the game brought me back to playing the old nintendo games. Nostalgia and only problems that are common among flash games get you 9/10 stars, 1 held back because there's nothing more annoying than dodging a blast from the boss and getting punched back out of the battle by a creature.

Good Game

It kept me interested, especially when your trying to find all 300 stars. Also the mobility of Sinta was very smooth.