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Reviews for "Sinta"

Pretty Good

The controls were alright and I liked the upgrades you could find, however there were several things that could use improvement. If a monster manages to hit you against a wall, your boned. There is no possible means of escape and it's an instant death. You should also add a reaction to the damage taken. With creatures such as the spiders, you take damage without being knocked back or flinching. This means unless you look at your health periodically, you might be getting killed without knowing it. Other than those tiny flaws this game was pretty fun and I enjoyed it. Keep up the good work.

its okay

it's starts out okay, but quickly the control issues make the game almost on playable. Shooting can be a pain and there is no lag time between damage so if you get knocked into an enemy and you just take damage as you bounce around

Really good, but...

It's very good, but the damn gray troll thing with wings in Wizard Tower 1 touches me and I suddenly get thrown to the Basement again. I can't shoot it, I can't avoid it, and I don't have enough time to get to the switch and across the room before it hits me. I enjoyed the game a lot, I got 251 stars up to that room. After trying it about 20 times, I gave up. I really wanted to see how the game ended, but it's too frustrating to play through the entire intro again and again. The first 4 towers were fun and I really liked the graphics. Other than some slight jump imprecisions, it was great up until that part. Make more like it, great job.

After a one night stand.

The contols arn't smooth enough and the controls, especially the jumping were a little stiff. The idea for the game itself was good although the game itself was very repetitive.

So basically the pussy was'nt good. It was like fucking a small, boring brunette who wouldn't no doggystyle or oral if you slapped her in the face with it.



I like it, it's like a jacked up Kid Icirus! Good job!