Reviews for "Dig-Dug the Psycho Killer"


Very funny and try to make a better graphic...any who
this awsome

Dylawrence responds:

Thanks for the feedback... I am taking some animating classes so by two or three more submissions I should have it down.

love it!

that was .. like realy funny!
I loved the little cute round thing.!!

Dylawrence responds:

I made him lovable so the ending could be a lot more intense... T4R!

Very Funny

This really made me laugh, especially the 30 miles of oil part. great work.

Dylawrence responds:

HA! I knew that part would get somebody eventually... T4R (thanks for reviewing)


This was awesome!! Ha ha * Insane pumping* Nice try there. Thought the animations wasn't that good the comedy made up for it.

Dylawrence responds:

Thanks... I was hoping to make up for the animation... I think by my third, or fourth animation I will have it down... T4R!

Thats really cool!

Even though the graphics arent the best, this is still awesome!

Dylawrence responds:

the next one will be better... I promise, T4R (thanks for reviewing)